Monday, May 30, 2011

The Voices Inside My Head...

Hello! I'm Ella Jade, one of Noble's newest residents. I hope you'll be seeing lots of me in the very near future. I'm thrilled to be here and I look forward to making new friends and chatting with lots of interesting people who share my passion for reading and writing.
For as long as I can remember, the dialogue has always played out in my head. Now, most people who hear voices in their head usually think that's a problem. I, on the other hand, think it’s a problem when I don't hear those voices. Some of my best stories come from a few lines of conversation created when I'm standing in line at the supermarket or when I'm driving to the mall. Sometimes I don't even make it to the mall because I have to turn around and start putting to paper what I've just come up with. Well, that's not entirely true, since I always make it to the mall, especially when Macy's is having a sale. But, you get my point. (I always carry a notebook in my bag for such emergencies!).
I've been a writer forever, but thanks to Noble's New Young Adult line, I'm proud to say I'm an author! My new book is set to release next Monday and I'm speechless! Again, not entirely true, since I rarely ever keep my mouth shut, but I am in shock.  Jocelyn's Choice explores many of young loves firsts. It’s a story of innocence lost and the consequences that come with the decisions we make. Here's the blurb…
Jocelyn Andrews, a shy, awkward, high school senior, has never even been on a date until she meets Alex Jordon, the older, more experienced brother of her best friend Evan. Jocelyn falls hard for the charming player and wants to explore all of the “firsts” that go along with young love. Alex has no problem showing her what she’s been missing.
Alex is captivated by young, innocent Jocelyn and to his own surprise, only has eyes for her.  One night of careless passion leads to a life-altering dilemma. Alex must head back to Yale to finish an internship, having no idea what he’s left behind. Jocelyn must decide what to do on her own, forcing her to grow up much faster than she anticipated.
Reality sets in, decisions are made and Jocelyn has to live with her choices. Alex returns home to more than he ever bargained for.  Young love has never been more complicated as they deal with a teen pregnancy, social barriers, and concerned family members. Life sometimes throws a curve ball, but the unexpected isn’t always bad.
It's an exciting time and I'm happy to be associated with such a talented bunch of authors (and that's entirely trueJ). I can't wait to see what comes next. Jocelyn's Choice releases on June 6, 2011. Please come and visit me on my blog. I love company!
Happy Monday!


chris lange said...

Happy for you. Congrats!

ella jade said...

Thanks Chris!

Indigo Skye said...

Congratulations on your first book. What a thrill. I would love to guest on your blog some day and am happy to return the favor by hosting you on my site,

Why be Nice When Naughty Is So Much Fun?
Typing with Sticky Fingers,
Indigo Skye

ella jade said...

Thanks Indigo! Its all so surreal!

I'd love for you to guest on my blog! We'll work out the details! :)

Carol said...

Hey, it's me! Sorry for the late comment, but I'm here now & so excited for your big day! I am so proud of you & beyond thrilled that this is happening for you. I wish you everything of the very best, my friend. ;)

ella jade said...

Thanks Carol! I wouldn't have gotten this far without your support! Thanks!

Tamaria Soana said...

Congrats Ella, I'm sorry i was late to this party!!!