Saturday, February 4, 2012

Putting My Big Girl Panties On

by Kimber An

I just pottytrained my fourth and last child.  It was easy because she has three older siblings to look up to and desperately wants to be a ‘big girl.’  Soon afterwards she had an accident.  The poor little drama princess smacked hands over her eyes and wailed, “I can’t do it!”  Of course, I said she could because Elmo said so and Elmo is her bestest hero after Daddy.  And she did.

The point is…um…   Okay, I got it.  The point is learning to be a big girl can be easy, but, seriously, there’s no hurry and you can always go back.

‘Cause Elmo said so.

Yeah, yeah, that’s it.  I’m a Young Adult author, coming off my first Noble YA book, Sweet Bytes, released October 2011.  Doesn't Noble Publishing have the most awesome cover artists?

But, I’m here today to tell you all about putting my big girl panties on with the release of my first adult story this Monday, February 6th, Drive-By Valentine.

It’s a Sweet Romance, so I’m sharing it with my younger friends too.  The heroine, Eve, is thirty, but she’s still struggling with an issue which hits teens hard as soon as they get out of school.  They usually nail it by college graduation though.  Eve is trying to find her own path in life, but without the usual support of family and friends.  She’s been bullied most of her life.  She's determined to find her self-confidence and live Happily Ever After though, and it helps her take a big risk. 

Here’s the blurb-

Pushing thirty on Valentine’s Day, Eve realizes her desperate search for love has led to nothing but misery.  Then, she takes a chance on a little old lady who’s famous for finding the perfect guy for every girl just by looking at his truck. 

So, there you have it, my very first growed-up story.  Will there be more?  Oh, yes, it seems most of the adult stories I have logged away in my imagination are Short Stories.  But, I gotta tell you, I have a lot more Young Adult stories, as well as a few Middle Grade.  So, you'll probably still have better luck finding me hanging out at Fabulously Young ePubs

There’s no hurry growing up.

Elmo said so.

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Margie Church said...

Good luck with your sweet romance, Kimber An.Fantastic covers, indeed.