Friday, January 6, 2012

364 Days Later . . . By J.S. Wayne

Twenty-four hours from now marks the one-year anniversary of the email that started this wild ride you and I have shared this year. It was from Rebecca Dampier, Noble's acquisitions editor, and started with the word "Congratulations!" Looking back, it's hard to believe that in just one short year, I've gone from a hopeful writer to a multi-published author with a small but fiercely loyal following.

Like most writers, I've had my moments of doubt about the wisdom of my chosen path. I've had stories I thought were sure things come to naught, and stories I didn't give a chance in Hell of doing anything receive amazing reviews and praise from all sides.

I've explored my boundaries, and so far, the only thing that has proven to be utterly beyond me is "sweet" romance. I have been fortunate to win fans, make some new and wonderful friends, and had many people entrust me with their secrets, fears, and confidences. For this, I am profoundly and deeply grateful.

So, let's talk about the year ahead, rather than the one just behind us.

First up: On February 13th, my entry for the Lesbians Vs. Zombies line, "Dead Means Dead," will be available from Noble. This dark, apocalyptic tale is an exploration of the resilience of the human heart and our need for love, perhaps most of all when all hope seems to be lost. I'm particularly excited about this because once again, I'm getting to share stage time with the infamous KevaD. Joining us on this jaunt are XCognito, Jadette Paige, Amber Green, Dana Dye, and a host of other great authors, so I hope you'll check them out!

Second: I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the second book in The Wildsworn series. I was shocked by the wonderful response "Dancing On Flames" achieved;" as I write this, "DOF" remains in the Top 10 Noble Romance offerings on All Romance Ebooks, making it by far the best-selling work I've ever written. Not bad for a work I honestly didn't expect to go anywhere at all! So I'm hoping to have Silver and Air, a full-length novel following the aftermath of Russell and Ion's forbidden passion, sent out to beta readers by the weekend and submitted by the end of next week. Cross your fingers, folks, and keep watching for updates!

Third: I'm very proud to say that one of my "side projects" is coming to fruition. Although I don't make a point of "plugging" those projects here, this is one I think my readers will be particularly interested in. As of this writing, three of a projected seven stories for a forthcoming anthology to benefit Writing Out Child Abuse have been completed, and I expect to have the last four shortly. Again, this is in no way associated or affiliated with Noble Romance, so I hope y'all don't mind me bragging this up a little. :)

If you like this button, PLEASE post it on your blog or website, and show that YOU believe children everywhere have the right to feel and be safe.

Amber Green, R. Renee Vickers, Gillian Colbert, and a couple of others (whose names I don't know yet or I'd shout them out too!) have all contributed tales to this anthology. ALL proceeds from this anthology are going to benefit charities to provide hope, aid, safety, and comfort to survivors of child abuse all over the world. So far, the stories are looking wonderful, and I'm both very proud and deeply humbled at the number and quality of the authors who've answered this call. If you'd like to know more about WOCA or our work, simply go to, and PLEASE follow us on Twitter @WOCH2. And, just in case you didn't know: I'm donating 20% of all author profits from my ENTIRE backlist to the cause as well.

I've gotta say, folks, it's been a wild ride. I've done things I never expected to do, learned a lot about myself, and all in all, I'm looking at this coming year with a lot of hope and a very strong feeling it's going to be a great year. And I owe a lot of that to my friends at Noble and to you, my readers and fans.

Let's give 2012 Hell, y'all.

Until next time,


J.S. Wayne


vitch36 said...

Wow! Sounds like someone had a very busy and has a busy upcoming year.


What a wonderful cause WOCH sounds like. As a foster mom (both officially and un officially) I can't tell you how many children I've encountered that have fallen through the cracks.

All help in this tragedy is such a blessing.

Kudos to your efforts in it.

D. Dye

J.S. Wayne said...

Hi, Dana!
"Busy" is kind to the point of inaccurate. Frantic madness comes a LITTLE closer... LOL
Thank you so much for stopping by, and your kind words!

R. Renee Vickers said...

Amazing! It's been a year already? Wow. And lots of great things to look forward to J.S., you should be very proud!

Keep it going!

steph beck said...

I have to say Lesbians vs Zombies grabbed my attention! Awesome sereies title :)

Stephanie Beck

J.S. Wayne said...

Hi, Stephanie!
Sorry for my lateness getting back to you. Things have been pretty epic in the Batcave (feel free to groan; I did!) lately. :) I wish I could take credit for the series idea, but THAT'S all Amber's doing. She just took me along for the ride!