Sunday, January 15, 2012

The 3 Way Dilemma

I asked my husband to give me a topic, any topic at all. He smirked and said 'three way'.
Is it sad that the first thing I thought was 3 way stop signs in traffic?
What does a romance author do when the smut isn't flowing like the glistening juices of female anatomy? When the well of sensuality and places to kiss and suck dries up, what is next?
I can only speak for me, but when I run out of sexy story ideas I turn to one place: yarn.
That's right, I break out a ball of yarn, knitting needles and a new pattern. My mom has even been brought into my smut scene dry spells because she taught me how to crochet over Christmas. Now instead of being just a chick with sticks, I'm also a happy hooker.
After a few small projects (usually less than a week's worth of yarn work) I end up with some adorable projects and a fresh mind that is ready to wrap around dirty things. I wrote Between Elves after finishing up my first sweater...lets just say the twisted yarns and stitches led to one naughty story!
Moral of this blog? I guess there's not a huge one, just maybe that romance and erotica are people too, and while we are sexier than most mortals (I said I burned out in writing, not in the bedroom, rraaaaaawwwwrrr) we each have things that boost our writing stamina.
Writers--do you have a passion besides writing that helps clear the writing pallet?
Readers--what's your favorite creative outlet?
Between Elves
When Blake Toximmo lost her husband and infant son she nearly lost herself as well. But she’s back among the living, fighting to start her life again and find happiness. Her plans for reconstructing her world are drastically changed when she is abducted by Arden Woods, a sexy, sweet climber who she befriending during a mountain climb. In a whole new world, Blake finds herself not only surrounded by new things, but also by people who aren’t quite human.Arden and Quin are elves living in a world that’s not giving them everything they need.They are happy as a couple, but they are missing something and long for a family only a human woman can give. Even with the best intentions at heart, Arden and Quin don’t quite know how to make Blake happy. To make them the family all three need, they’ll have to learn what exactly that means to each of them.
And keep your eyes open for "More Than an Elf" due out in January from Noble Romance. A southern belle taken from her time, Jessica is ready to fight her new reality. Joshua's half elf-half fairy heritage gives him more magic than he probably should have. Because of the magic he spends much of his time alone. When he meets Jessica his world changes, but to convince her to stay and to be happy, it'll take more than patience, more than magic, it'll take More Than an Elf.
Stephanie Beck


Dominique Eastwick said...

Steph my friend what a great blog and this book look possitively amazing. Three way stop LMAO. So my other passion is Photography. Looking through the lens allows me to focus on only smaller things and helps me focus that muse of mine.

steph beck said...

Thanks, Dom :) I've seen some of your pictures--a beautiful way to express creativity! Thanks for visiting me :)

Stephanie Beck

Margie Church said...

LOL Steph! I've seen the results of your work. I turn to music when I'm looking for those emotional hooks. I also have an extensive library of images that I keep strictly for *cough* research. Love scenes are really difficult to write well. I think a reader can tell when your passion wasn't behind the pen. I always approach them with caution until I'm warmed up. bwhahahahaah!

Kate Richards said...

OMG I have got to get back to knitting and crocheting! I suspect they are good hand therapy for our keyboard kinked fingers anyway!
Just don't tell my niece that blanket I am finishing for her adorable baby to be was smut therapy.

steph beck said...

Nice, Margie! Warming up is very important, lots of stretching helps! Music and eyecandy--I like that method!

There ya go, Kate! Get back to yarn, it's a good thing. And nobody needs to know how many baby hats and booties and sweet little things I've made all in the name of smut therapy :p

Stephanie Beck

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Great post!

Becca Dale said...

Sorry I am late, Ms. Steph. Between Elves and More Than an Elf sound intriguing. Congrats on them. As for what I do when I reach a dry spell - I bake. Cupcakes, pies, candies, monster cookies, etc. Of course no one in my family likes sweets so I usually give them away. Sad being a baker around here.

steph beck said...

As one who has benefited from your baking, Becca, I have to say it is the most brilliant baking EVER!!

Feel free to swing by MN with a truckload of chocolate inspiration whenever you feel like it!

Stephanie Beck