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The Rogue's Salvation by Brita Addams - Excerpt

With a new release, my historical Regency, The Rogue's Salvation, coming out on June 6th, I thought I'd post an excerpt. This particular portion involves a visit to the Sapphire Club, though this book isn't a part of the series. I like to include the Club in every book. :)

Hope you enjoy the excerpt: 

The Rogue's Salvation

"Good evening, Mr. Cunningham, so nice to see you again."
"Good evening, Hampton," Myles replied, his gaze never falling upon the butler. "I see there's no lack of activity tonight."
"No, sir, there isn't. May I take your hat and coat?"
"Of course." Myles slipped his greatcoat off, and handed it and his tall beaver to the older man.
"Have a wonderful evening, sir," Hampton said as he padded off with Myles' outerwear.
"That I will."
He found his way to the large reception room just off the entrance hall, and stood in the arched entrance for several minutes, surveying the room. This was the place where all members of the club gathered upon arriving. The beauty of the club was that each member visited for much the same reason–discreet sexual assignations of varying intensity.
Myles smiled at Lord Beaton, a nob of considerable proportions who rather enjoyed a bit of slap and tickle with the young women in attendance. Lucien Damrill, the owner of the club, employed men and women who enjoyed giving of themselves in a sexual way. Many spent several evenings at the club in St. John's Wood and the rest of the week at Madame Monique's House of Pleasure. Both provided whores of the highest caliber; Damrill would have it no other way. Widows, widowers, and married couples populated a goodly portion of the room, as even the elite required something additional by way of sexual thrills. Single, discriminating gentlemen accounted for the rest of the assemblage. Men like himself, who couldn't satisfy their needs elsewhere, given their taste for the perverse. Many in attendance were already salivating over Fortune, the club's most popular purveyor of sexual favors. He'd fucked her often, but had grown bored long ago. She smiled, he nodded politely, then she returned to her conversation with Lord Falmouth.
Myles took a proffered glass of brandy, served in the club's signature snifter, the stem resembling the torso of a naked woman. He greeted several people he knew as he waded through the crush. "The place is at capacity tonight," he said as he clapped Henry on the shoulder.
"Indeed it is, and how are you this fine evening, Myles?"
"Flush and of a mind to partake of the pleasures found herein."
"Such flowery prose, so unlike you, old man."
"Is it?" Myles scanned the room, having previously noticed several prospective partners. "Is he here?"
Henry sighed. "Not so loud. Yes, he's here."
Myles leaned into his friend and found Henry trembling. "Are you nervous? Have you spoken to him?"
"Well, of course I'm nervous. Indeed, Myles."
"Indeed, what? Are you meeting him?" Myles draped his arm over Henry's shoulder and tugged him in closer. Poor man was rather shy, and had only recently come to acknowledge that, sexually, he preferred the company of men to women. At the same time, he'd admitted to Myles a fantasy that involved a flogger and a handsome man, which had brought him to the Sapphire Club this night.
"Yes, at eleven. You will be there, won't you? I don't believe I could do this if you weren't."
Myles took out his pocket watch. "I know that." And Myles did. He and Henry had been the closest of friends for most of their lives. Henry seemed to look up to him, something, upon examination, he'd never quite understood. Though he'd come to the Sapphire Club many times, Henry had done little but stand in this very room, watching the ebb and flow, as partners found each other and made their way to the rooms to experience sexual fulfillment.
On the rare occasions they'd had more than enough brandy to encourage them, they'd made their way to one of the many viewing rooms. From there, they'd watched the domination of one man over another. Henry had invariably fidgeted in his chair until he seemed to fairly burst with arousal. "I wish to be flogged and then fucked," he'd said, but left the club without satisfying his desire.
Myles had tried to take his friend's words in stride, as the idea of being flayed had never set his cock hard or his mind to thoughts of fucking. "Flogged, you say?"
"I wish to experience it. I find myself rock hard and wishing I was the man bent over, arse in the air, howling for all I'm worth."
"Henry, your desire far outweighs your common sense."
"Be that as it may, I wish it."
Evidently, the thought hadn't left Henry's mind, because just a week past, Henry had repeated the sentiment and Myles then encouraged the assignation tonight.
The Sapphire Club provided a safe place for men like Henry to seek out agreeable partners. The club's policy of keeping the happenings of the club at the club gave many men with Henry's tastes the courage to seek satisfaction rather than stand on the periphery of everyone else's fantasies.
Myles looked at his watch and found it was nearly the appointed hour. "What do you know about him?"
Henry bowed his head, his shyness apparently getting the better of him. "His name is Declan Eddy. He's a member of the club and has agreed to see me this evening. What else is there to know?"
"I suppose you will learn all there is to learn. Come then, my friend. Your destiny awaits."
As they walked up the stairs to the second floor, Myles found himself envious of his friend. The man sought out what he wanted, reservations or not. Henry had often advised him to do the same, though what he wanted was unknown even to him.
"This is the room." Henry's brow glistened with sweat and his face looked as though he wore a mask of grief.
"Your choice, old man, you don't have to do this."
Those seemed to be the words Henry needed to hear. His demeanor changed, as he squared his shoulders and picked up his chin. "Oh, but I do." He winked and a smile played at the corners of his mouth.
Myles nodded, and Henry placed his hand on the door handle and let himself in. When the door closed, Myles went to a small viewing room just down the hall and made himself comfortable. He had an excellent view of Henry and his Mr. Declan Eddy.


chris lange said...

Hi Brita, I really enjoyed this excerpt and I wish you the best of luck. I so love the beauty and the fluency of the "old" English language.

Brita Addams said...

Thank you so much Chris. I appreciate it. I'm glad you appreciate the archaic English. Many readers do as well.