Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello everyone!

Ingrid Michaels here, just dropping by to tell you a bit about myself. 

First of all, I'm Canadian, through and through, and I live outside of Toronto, Ontario, where I attended university and picked up, in this exact order: a BA in Philosophy, a Significant Other, and a MA in Philosophy. We have one dog and one boy, both dark-haired, but only one cleans up after himself.

What jobs have prepared me for a career as a writer, you ask? Well, I’ve previously worked in retail and I’ve taught Humanities in a college. I’ve worked in a library and also for an industrial printer. I've put in a stint as a technical writer, too. I'm leaving out a few other jobs here, but you get the idea. I've always surrounded myself with paper and books.

I've also dabbled in the arts my entire life, taking art classes throughout high school, enjoying painting and drawing. I've also done some photography (both film and digital formats) and I've written poetry and fiction for ever! I enjoy working on novel-length romances and, in between, as a palate cleanser, I write shorter, spicier, novellas like Diagnosis, Love.

The inspiration for Diagnosis, Love struck one night as I watched a Nova episode on the cave paintings in Lascaux, France. The narrator explained how the sun could only illuminate the interior of one of the caves for a few minutes at dawn during the Spring Equinox. The event seemed to be so shrouded in mysticism that I just had to fit the Lascaux caves into a story! The caves led to my thinking about bats, which led to vampires, which led to... the other thing that I do on a regular basis, which is donate blood. Since I am curious about everything, I'm always asking the phlebotomists on duty tons of questions. So, all the pieces came together real well and Diagnosis, Love was born.

I particularly enjoy how the story brings together a sexy Hungarian doctor, a sassy phlebotomist desperate to stay alive, some amazing exotic locales, and a climactic scene in those mystical caves! I especially liked how my main character’s sassy 'tude offset her dire situation throughout the story.

Besides writing sensual paranormal romances like Diagnosis, Love (available in June), I also enjoy viewing/experiencing modern art (I'm a huge Christo fan!), cycling, and yoga, and I plan to continue exploring these passions in upcoming short stories, novellas and novels.

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I’ve enjoyed introducing myself to all of you and I hope to hear from you soon.

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That is all.......... ;-) 



Kelly said...

Great Blog Ingrid... Can't wait to read Diagnosis, Love... Thanks for the heads up... Putting on my June calendar

Kelly M

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly. I'm looking forward to the June 20 release, too. It's a fun, sexy story... with lots of bite ;-)