Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Noble Newbie

Hello everyone, my name is V. Saewod Tice.

My novel The Chronicles of 2020: Amongst the Ruins, book one in The Chronicles of 2020 series, was just accepted by Noble’s young adult line under my pen name – Saewod Tice.

Yes, Saewod is really my name – middle name to be exact. No, it is not pronounced exactly how it’s spelled – ‘say-wood’ is the pronunciation. I’m pleading the 5th in regards to my parents naming me after the most awesome acid trip ever.

Hippie parentage aside, I lived a pretty normal life. I say lived, because with publication a whole new exciting chapter has changed normal to ‘Holy Allen Poe, I’m a published author’. It’s almost ranking up there with ‘Listen to the lungs on that kid, I’m a mother’. Currently residinge in Central Pennsylvania with my amazing husband and our fantabulous offspring. My family means the world to me and without them I would never have made it this far. My novels would still be lingering in cyberspace and my hard drive.

Solid writing for me started as a hobby in the fanfiction world, which blossomed into original manuscripts. Amongst the Ruins was inspired from watching back to back episodes of ‘Life After People’ on the History channel. A post apocalyptic, dystopian tale, Amongst the Ruins is the first chapter of Shilo’s story.

- In the year 2220, only about 15% of Earth’s populations have survived the Nuclear Disaster of 2020. After 200 years the collapse of modern society, the population has regressed into eight clans.

Each clan, once a safe haven from the radiation and the lingering effects haunting the once strong steel cities, provided support and assistance to survivors. However, as the years passed, many primal desires and behaviors resurfaced. Desiring power and authority over the others, the clans entered civil wars believing their ideals were the best approach to rebuilding civilization.

Among the ruins of Earth, children are born as future saviors. Women are worth more than gold in the eyes of most. However, with this high pedestal come sacrifice, fear, and consequences for those who can birth Earths future.

Shilo begins her life, born from her mother’s womanly consequence. While her fate is unknown, she will experience love and turmoil, struggles, fears, and conquer more than she ever imagined. Join her journey from hidden child to revered woman.-

I am beyond excited to join the Noble family and be among such amazing writers. The Chronicles of 2020: Amongst the Ruins is set to release in June. You can get a sneak peek into Shilo’s world at

A huge Thank You to Jill, Rebecca, Reenie, Janine, and Linny! You’ve all been so amazing and patient with me.

Hope to get to know each of you better!

Saewod :o)

Twitter: @saewodtice

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Indigo Skye said...

Welcome to the Noble team! Glad to have you. Your story sounds very interesting. If you're interested in a blog trade or interview, please get in touch at

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