Saturday, May 14, 2011

The First Day of High School

Hi everyone,

I guess I could say I am a new Noble Romance author. My name is Chris Lange and I am a stubborn girl. This particular flaw has been my plague from early childhood but what do you know? It has finally paid off. Because getting published is somewhat about being stubborn.

You write a story, you like your story, heck, you love your story. You honestly believe you have created the best romance ever but editors disagree with you. Once, twice, ten times: too hot, not hot enough; too graphic, not graphic enough; too much of a romance, not enough of a romance. Oh my God, why can't they see your work is top notch? Probably because it isn't and you should work on it a teeny-weeny bit more. And... you do.

Then one day, you open your mail box and there it is. THE email you had been dreaming of. THE email that sets your heart pounding and your eyes watering (Okay, maybe I am overreacting!). THE email you dare click open to read with delight " Dear Chris Lange, I like your story very much ". A few weeks later, you are officially blogging to introduce your new novel.

Mine is called " An era apart ". I spent months working on it and I am oh so happy, oh so hopeful readers will appreciate it. The heroine is a modern Californian woman but I set the plot in a parallel world (nineteenth century San Francisco) to give me the fantastic opportunity to involve some similar characters of my own, likened after famous fictional characters from books and TV shows, but I won't say who :-) :-))

As you can guess, those characters enchanted me as a teenager, as a young adult, as a more mature adult. Gosh I can't lie, can I? They still do enchant me. Oh, whatever...! All I know is that giving them a chance to live again has been a real thrill.

I am happy and proud to announce " An era apart " will be released on July 4 by Noble Romance. What an awesome way to celebrate Independance Day !

See you soon,

Chris Lange


Sarah Ballance said...

Congratulations, Chris! That's a fantastic day for a release (it's my wedding anniversary, so a total lack of independence for me, LOL) and I'm excited FOR YOU! I hope it's the beginning of a long, happy relationship with the Noble family. Welcome!

chris lange said...

Thanks for your warm welcome Sarah. Now on July 4, I'll be thinking about your lack of independence and picturing a beautiful ring on your finger. I'll be looking forward to hearing about that special day here on the blog. See you soon.