Monday, May 16, 2011


Good Monday Morning!

My name is Louisa Pare-Luigi, a new author at Noble Romance. Being a novice, I am learning all about social networking and must say all the staff at Noble have been very kind and patient teachers. I look forward to learning the publishing process.
My first writing experience came at a very early age, around 6 years old. My father was teaching me how to form a poem. I was fascinated by words even back then, and knew as he read my finished poem, that writing would always be a part of my life.
Growing up, I had a reading disability. Although, I enjoyed writing - reading was a different story. Until one day in the eighth grade, a friend brought to school a romance novel she had lifted from her mother's collection at home. This was considered contraband, as you may imagine Catholic schools don't want their adolescent students reading about sex! But read I did. I always thumbed through the pages to find the sex scenes first and would then go back and devour the novel from the beginning. I overcame my disability by my love for romantic literature. Even today my imagination is fueled by the exoctic places and situations those books took my juvenile mind.
Noble has contracted my story, The Heist. A Naughty Nibble that introduces Juliette, a jewel thief who has found a parasitic niche amongst the European wealthy. She steals from the rich and gives to herself.
The inspiration for the story came to me one afternoon while I was watching Arnold Schwarzengger's movie, True Lies. The film opens up in a grand ballroom somewhere in Europe, guests are dressed to the nine's, champagne flowing freely and Tango music is playing in the background.
My character is in such surroundings, at an old Chateau in the Burgundy Wine Country in France. A grand gala where Juliette will attempt to heist a nine carat diamond from the hostess of the event.
I am hoping this will be the first in a series with Juliette and her adventures, as I enjoyed writing her story.
Thanks to everyone for welcoming me into your group and I hope to get to know you all.

Happy Monday,
Louisa Pare-Luigi

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Sarah Ballance said...

Welcome, Louisa, and congratulations on your contract! It's great getting to know a little about you. I hope you love Noble as much as I do - it's a great family!