Friday, March 4, 2011

Inspiration from the Classics

Today, I thought I’d talk a little about what inspires me. Besides lots and lots of great sex.

It usually starts with a song. Something sweet, sexy, rough, or maybe even scary. No matter how it sounds, I get that little chill up my spine that tells me an idea is about to take over my life.

So I can feel the idea. But I can’t see it yet. Which means it’s time to either close my eyes and picture the first scene, or open my eyes and find it. Sometimes I do a little of both. I found these pictures to use for an example.

The picture above is Sleeping Beauty by Sir Edward Burner-Jones. Sensual and colourful, filling in the story is like doing paint-by-numbers. Only, I prefer a challenge. So I’d probably make the guy in blue the villain. And maybe the tree is her lover, cursed by some evil magic. Works with the next picture too.
Here’s a quick snippet to show you what I mean:

The tainted wine served at her birthday banquet had kept her asleep for too long. The man she loved had changed. Rough bark covered his flesh, and his limbs, stretched and bent into useless things, spread out to the sky and burrowed into the ground. But still, he found the strength to reach for her, one last time, to save her from the man who would be king.

Before the vile man could bespell her with his kiss, her lover speared him with a sharp branch. The death of the evil man released her, and she woke to see her lover recede from the window. A trail of apple blossoms sprinkled with blood littered her bedroom floor.

“No!” Stepping over the body by her bed, refusing to even look and the man who’d destroyed her life to make her his bride, Aurora rushed out into the garden. Relief burst from her chest in the form of a laugh. “Oh, my love, all is not lost. There is still time.”

His gnarled hand caught her arm before she could slip away. “Aurora, I won’t have you risk your life for me. It is enough that you are well. Let it be.”

Aurora wrenched from his weakened hold and her chin jutted up. She cleared her throat so her voice would sound sure and strong. “I am a princess, stable boy. You don’t tell me what to do.” Her lips curved in a satisfied smile when his wooden mouth snapped shut. Then she smoothed her skirts and gazed out into the horizon. “I have hours until the suns sets. Plenty of time. All you need is a few berries.”

“Truly?” The young man’s voice sounded hollow coming from the tree.

“Truly.” She smiled at the only part of him that hadn’t changed. His beautiful, grey eyes. Within was a glimmer of hope. “I won’t be long.”

This time, he let her go.

Only once she was well out of hearing did the truth pass her lips. “A few berries and some dragon blood, dear heart. But never fear. I will save you.”

Pretty decent considering it only took me a few minutes to think up and write. Granted, with more time, it could be an amazing story, but I think you get the point.

For more snippets by me, follow this link:


AllureVanSanz said...

I love the pictures. The story you saw inside of them made me smile. I'm likewise stimulated by music, pictures, anything really. Life constantly inspires me to tell stories.

Great post! Thanks for sharing what's inside your head.

All my best,

Allure Van Sanz

Bianca Sommerland said...

Hi Allure,

I'm so happy you enjoyed :)

We writers are always thinking 'What if?'. To me there's nothing better than getting a wild answer I can run with.