Monday, February 7, 2011

New release: Cyborg Doms :Fane by H.C. Brown

Available from Noble Romance on Monday 7 February

Genre: BDSM, Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance

M/M, M/M/M, M/F, M/F/ M

Fane Jacobs, or 636, is a genetically and robotically enhanced human, trapped on Terros 9 in 3010 with a psychopathic owner, Gryd. His duty is to entertain Gryd's guests with his skill with the whip and his twin cocks. Denied satisfaction, his dreams are filled with the image of a sweet sub. Cyborgs have no rights on Terros 9. After his friend, Jace, is pack-raped by a group of male guests, Fane and Jace steal a starship, and travel back in time to Earth in 2040. Jace goes looking for a night with the right man, while Fane explores the city. He goes to the aid of a woman being attacked and is shot. The woman resembles the sub from his dreams. What will happen when the woman, Dr. Tamara Bright, discovers his integrated neural matrix and other enhancements on the Bio Scanner? Will she turn away or will she fall for the deliciously, handsome cyborg?


Jace turned toward the other end of the bar and sauntered through the swinging doors to join the gay doms. He ordered a beer, snagged a private booth, and then turned his attention to the dance floor. Oh yeah. How long had he fantasized having a sweet sub or two of his own? For one hour or one damn night, he did not care. He leaned back against the booth, inhaled the heavy scent of man, and checked them out. The Whips' house subs wore cute, gold whip earrings. They would be approachable, one-night-stand guys. Sipping his beer, Jace cast his gaze over the dancers. There were two barely legal, sweet things dancing together. He watched them sway to the music, their bare asses moving seductively under leather chaps. The dancers turned as one to reveal semi-hard cocks. Both men wore ball separators, and Jace's mouth watered at the sight of their red, restrained balls. His gaze travelled up to pierced nipples on hairless chests. One man had braided two long strands of his raven hair with beads in the style of an ancient warrior. The other had blond, cherub-like curls. Jace rubbed his cock slowly while its twin remained nestled inside, twitching for release. He enjoyed the caress of the leather against his naked shaft, and the restriction of the skin-tight pants heightened his pleasure.

His gaze travelled to the cherub. The man could move. His sexy, petite body undulated to the music. Jace sighed. That delightful bit of ass was not a house sub.Damn. Jace shrugged. What the hell—one night was all he would give this pair. Warrior Braids met his gaze. The man's eyes drifted down and stopped on the prominent bulge in Jace's pants. Jace moved across the floor and stood in front of the two men. "Get into my booth."

Jace turned and walked away. He paused in front of his booth to wait for the two subs to follow. Both men fell to their knees inside the booth, heads bowed. Jace ran his fingers through the cherub's curls. "Stand."

Drawing a deep breath, Jace met the sub's expressive, cornflower blue eyes. The sub immediately dropped his gaze. Long, brown lashes brushed his rose-blushed cheeks.

God help me, Jace thought. He's glorious. "Name."

"Lucian, master." He clasped his hands behind his back.

Jace could not remember seeing a sub so afraid; Lucian shook in his boots.

Why are you here, Lucian? Look at me. You may speak freely."

"It's my first time in the club, master. Dominic has trained me how to please you, master."

Casting a glance at Warrior Braids, Jace inclined his head toward the kneeling man. "You're Dominic, I assume?"

That's all I need—a sub trained by a sub. Jace ran his hands down Lucian's chest. He bent to pull at the nipple ring with his lips. Hell, he wanted to pet the sweet thing, offer him the world, and spank his delicious ass. Maybe tomorrow, after he had slaked his lust. He ran his tongue around the flat nipple, then trailed a wet path up the bare chest to Lucian's neck. He sucked at the throbbing vein there. Under his tongue, Lucian trembled, and a rush of air escaped his lips on a soft moan. Jace's cock began to throb. Fuck, the man's musky scent hit him like a potent aphrodisiac. He craved an innocent to train, but not tonight. Right now, he needed to dominate and take. Lifting his head, he gazed into Lucian's flushed face and shook his head slowly. Although Jace would no doubt regret not claiming Lucian's sweet ass, right now he had more pressing needs. "Go back to the dance floor," he told him, "and send me a house sub."

He noted Lucian's dejected expression.

"Have you tasted a flogger?" Jace asked.

"No, master." Lucian dropped his gaze.

Jace ran a hand through his hair. Too sweet, he thought. Too innocent. An accident waiting to happen. "Before you get into a scene, make sure you inform your dom about your lack of experience. Have a safe word and use it. Now go, I need some experienced ass."

Turning his attention on Dominic, Jace took the flogger from his belt and rested it on Dominic's bare shoulder. "You have broken a rule. Only a dom is permitted to train a sub. See the damage you've done? Lucian will get hurt; doms will expect him to know the different levels of submission. You've put that sweet sub in danger. He has no idea of the rules. I have a very special punishment for you, but for now—lick my boots."

Jace watched the dance floor; Lucian wove his way through the dancers, his blond curls glistening in the overhead lights. A few moments later, a small, fine-boned man with almond-shaped eyes headed toward the booth. The man wore a small leather thong and nothing else to cover his clear, unblemished skin. The sub's dark eyes met Jace's gaze briefly, and then the man dropped to his knees. Jace tapped him on the head with his flogger. "Name."

"Master, I am Lee, and I am experienced for your pleasure."

Lifting his chin, Jace inhaled the heavy musk in the room. Ah, nothing like the smell of pure, unadulterated sex. He looked down at the men at his feet. "What is your safe word?"

The subs glanced furtively at each other.

"We usually use challenge, master," said Lee.

Trailing the long leather tails of the flogger down Lee's back, Jace took in the sub's glossy, black hair and his soft, almost feminine body. Mentally, he began to plan the scene. His balls ached at the thought of having both of them. "Get up, and go to room three."

Jace followed the two men from the bar and down a dark passageway. The subs stopped partway down the hall. They stood to one side of a heavy, studded, wooden door and waited for him to enter. Jace brushed by the two blushing subs and entered the dimly lit dungeon. They followed obediently, and stood to one side, their eyes fixed on the stone floor.

With the door locked, Jace walked around the dungeon, lighting short, fat candles in the standing candelabras. The dungeon was better than he had expected. Chains hung from the ceiling. Benches, mats, and wooden frames of every description occupied much of the huge room's floor space. Whips and paddles adorned a wall. The heavy smell of candle wax and the weird, droning music completed the picture. Hell, everything to tempt a dom into action. Nice.

After selecting two pairs of cuffs from an assortment of gear on a table, he cuffed both men, then he stood back to look at them.

"Remove the ball separators." He waited until they complied. "Kiss."

The subs looked at him, mouths agape. Jace took a whip from the wall and cracked it. "Kiss and I want to see lots of tongue."

Jace opened his pants and stroked his shaft. Oh yeah, there was nothing like watching a hot, steamy kiss to kick things off and get the blood moving. He smiled. Dominic took charge and plunged his long fingers into Lee's hair to drag him closer. The kiss was intense, hot, and wet. Lee made little mewing sounds, and after a few seconds, they were both hard, their cocks rubbing together like sabers in a sword fight.

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