Monday, January 24, 2011

Tamara Gill - From Down Under

How an Aussie girl came to write Regency Erotic Romance

G’day! Tamara Gill here, all the way from Australia and taking a turn at the Noble Authors blog. Today I’m going to talk to you about how I came to be a writer and my latest release, A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command, a Regency Erotic romance.

Now, about this writing gig. Let me tell you, I was the debutante who forgot to go to Almacks. No doubt, you’ve all read biography’s of how authors wrote from an early age, forever scribbling through high school. Well, that wasn’t me…at all. In fact, up until my mid twenties I didn’t even read romance. Please don’t gasp, I did read romance eventually, just not then. So, up until my mid twenties, I read mostly non-fiction or if it was fiction, Dan Brown type books, you get the picture.

But then I fell pregnant with my first son and I stumbled upon a Stephanie Laurens novel. I hadn’t read her before and the cover intrigued me enough to buy it. Let me tell you, after reading and having my eyes opened to what was out there, my poor bank balance suffered while I hunted down all the books she had available. Thus, Eloisa James, Gaelen Foley, Elizabeth Boyle were on my hit list too. Poor ladies.

I then read voraciously for a couple of years and it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my second son, (I know, must be the hormones) that a story started to play out in my mind. It became so bad living with these characters that one night while watching TV I decided to write a book. And I did, and I haven’t stopped since.

I scribbled away for three years, didn’t join any author or critique groups. In fact, I was so naive about it all, I didn’t even know of RWA (America), RWA (Australia), how to set out a manuscript, or that some authors had agents. Who were those people, I wondered? Then, surfing the net one day I spied a group in Adelaide called SARA, South Australian Romance Authors who were having a mini Romance Roadshow. I took a leap of faith and went. Met some fabulous published authors and talented writers and it hit home that what I was doing, could, if I wanted it enough, be a career for me.

I’m now an owner of many editing, craft and how-to books. I’m a member of RWA, RWAust, SARA, The Beau Monde and have a wonderful critique partner who I couldn’t possibly live without. And of course, I’m published with Noble Romance Publishing, who, no matter where my writing takes me, will always have a special place in my heart.

So, talking of books, I’m giving away a copy of my latest Regency romp, A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command to one lucky guest who comments today. To give you a little taste of the novella I’ve included the blurb for you all.

Lady Eloise Bartholomew's trip to Australia on the shirttails of her adventurous brother ends in tragedy when he dies from a fever. But with the conventions of English society suspended on the high seas, she finds passion and excitement in the arms of a rugged ship's captain – only to be dumped back into the ton still burning from the fire ignited in her and the loss of the only man she could ever love.
More at home on his ship than dallying with the ton, Gabriel Lyons, now the Duke of Dale intended never to set foot in London again. But when an elder brother dies, and the woman who claimed his heart over his love for the ocean brings him home, he knows he has to face the secrets of his past. Will their love survive the scandal that sent him away, the lies he has told her and the duel he must fight for his honor and her hand.

Thank you for joining me today, and good luck!

Tamara Gill - Historical Romance Author
Where love is worth risking one's reputation...
To Sin with Scandal – Available now from Noble Romance Publishing
A Captain's Order - A Duke's Command - Available January 24 from Noble Romance Publishing
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Romina Garcia said...
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Romina Garcia said...

It's actually funny that you should mention the pregnancy hormones linked to your interest in romance novels. My second last blog was in fact inspired by just that. Here is the link if you have a chance:
Ps - love your work!

Anonymous said...

*chuckle* Romina. I'll have to look up your blog and see what happened to you. Have to say, thank god for hormones in this case. Thanks for dropping in!!
Tam :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Tam,
I LOVE the cover for A Captain’s Order – A Duke’s Command, and a high seas romance is just my cup of tea!

It's wonderful your pregnancies started you on the road to romance writing. All the best with your book babies!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by, Cheryl! I know, isn't the cover just lovely, captures my hero and heroine perfectly. And yes, thank god I had my boys, so I could have my book babies too.
Tam :-)

Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey Tam, *waving*. So glad you found us at SARA. It's been wonderful to see your journey. I must say how much I love both of your covers.

And a tale on the high seas - how wonderful. Wishing you every success!

Cara Marsi said...

Tamara, I love the story of your journey to being a published author. Maybe you didn't read romance till your mid-20's but you've more than made up for it. BTW-Stephanie Laurens was in an adjoining room to mine at RWA National in Washington, DC, the time she won the RITA for her Regency novella. She's a really nice person. Good luck with your book. I love the cover.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eleni! *waving back madly*
Seems so long ago that I found you guys, but what a inspiration you all were to me. You showed me the light as it were. I can't wait to spend more time this year with you all. Tam xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Cara!
OMG, how cool would that be!!! I tell you what, should I ever meet Stephanie Laurens I'm sure I'd faint. I was speechless when I met Anna Campbell the first time. Star struck BIG TIME!! LOL.
Thanks so much for dropping in.
Tam :-)

Dawn said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by, Dawn and with any luck others may think the same as you.
Tam :-)

Stevie Carroll said...

That sounds like a fun story.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara,
I love your cover and can't wait to add another Noble Romance to my already growing collection.... You Aussie Romance Writers are soring to the top.
:)) Mary

AllureVanSanz said...

Hi Tam!

I love the cover, too! And the excerpt is fabulous.

Just stopping by to tell you how great I think you are! Don't you dare enter me in the contest. ::grins:: I'll pony-up the cash.

::Suddenly wonders what pony-up means::


Emmeline Lock said...

Hi Tam!

Great post, I just adore hearing about how all these lovely writers I've met - online and in person - make it in the big world of publishing! It's hard. So, big congrats to you, Tam!

And I agree, SARA rocks. :)

All the very best for these and future projects.

Em x

Cindy said...

Hi, Tamara.
I have to admit, I don't really read romance novels. However, like a kid looking in the window of a candy store, I sort of window shopped and fell into Noble Romance. There are some interesting books out there.
I like the plot of your book, but am really intrigued with the title. Your cover helps too.
Thanks for sharing and continued good luck.

Kit Marlowe said...

I love your terrific story of how you came around to writing. It doesn't matter when you start -- just how much passion you put into it, eh? I love that the internet puts us all in touch, too. We Noble Authors span the globe and bring new experiences to each other. Great fun!

Bronwyn said...

Tam, this one sounds absolutely amazing!! I love regencies set on the high seas whether they have a pirate theme or just a delicious, hunky captain. Can't wait to take a peek at this one!

Oh and go SARA!! Without SARA, I think a few of us gals would still be floating about wondering what it would be like to be an author =)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at all these comments. That will teach me to get up late. :p

Anonymous said...

Thanks Stevie, it was certainly a fun story to write as well.
Tam :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maryde!
Us Aussie writers intend to take over the world!!!! Mwahahahahahaha
Tam ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Allure!
Bring it on, love feeling the love. *chuckle* Now about this ponying-up? A few pictures come to mind as to what it means, I'm sure you can imagine just what. *G*
Tam ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emm!
Thanks so much for dropping in, and yes, SARA does rock. Looking forward to seeing you in Feb.
Tam :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks for the warm wishes. And perhaps eventually we may bring you over to the dark side, and romance will be on your 'must read' shelves all the time.
Tam :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kit!
So true, I believe you must love and have a passion for writing to do this job. Thanks so much for stopping by.
Tam :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bron!
I'll give a little heads up, it's sort of based on the sea. hehe. Gosh, hope all you pirate readers out there aren't dissapointed.

And yes, go SARA! Looking forward to the February meeting. Thanks for stopping by.

Tam :-)

Sarah Ballance said...

What a great story, Tam. And your cover is amazing, which makes it a perfect match for your book. It sounds MARVELOUS!

Anonymous said...

Ah, thank you Sarah, I so hope readers think the same. Thanks for dropping in.
Tam :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi clever Tam..*jumping up and down with excitement* ...your book is wonderful and I recommend it to all the people still deciding whether to buy it. And the cover is perfect for the characters..beautiful. It has been a privilege being part of your writing journey and I hope to continue to be as you create more of your great stories. Love Jo x

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jo!!! My wonderful and cherished cp. You're the best!!!!
Tam xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

And the winner is....

I hope you enjoy
A Captain's Order - A Duke's Command

Tam :)