Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night Hookup

Fiona Jayde's wonderful cover for Friday Night Hookup.
Ingrid Michaels here, announcing the release of Friday Night Hookup this past Monday! It's my new contemporary romance novella.

To begin with, let me tell you a bit about the story:

Maggie thinks that her relationship with Jake has become stale. They've been together for twenty-five years, married for nearly that long, and they are so busy with work, raising their son, and life in general, there's simply no time left for romance.

When Maggie reads a Cosmo article suggesting couples set aside some alone time, a special "date night," she decides to take matters into her own hands and takes charge of the situation (as women often have to when it comes to matters of romance and seduction) and chooses Friday for their hookup night. She sets the rules; she determines where they will meet, and what the evening's theme will be. Jake is reluctant to participate at first, but once he sees that he has nothing to do but play along and reap the sensuous dispensations of his wife, he is happy to go along with whatever Maggie wants. His only responsibility is to monitor his email or IM on Friday mornings, when she sends him the instructions. Yeah, he can do that!

The hookups work out great and their relationship burns with romance and intimacy. . . until one fateful Friday night at Shotkickers, a country and western bar on the outskirts of Tulsa. Cody, a young cowboy, intervenes in Maggie and Jake's evening, sending their role-playing game in a whole new direction.

It soon becomes clear to Jake that if he doesn't get rid of Cody, he might end up going home without Maggie tonight. But, he wonders, could that be part of her plans for the evening?

Here's an excerpt from Friday Night Hookup:
Maggie turned and faced him, but at that moment he felt as if he were seeing a ghost, unable to find the edges to her pale face, the surrounding darkness seeming to nibble at her body and threaten to claim her for itself. She might have been smiling, but the shadows smudged her features and left him feeling anxious.
Jake smiled back uncertainly as he wound his way toward her table. Maggie'd surprised him once again. For tonight's hookup, she'd gotten a haircut and changed the color. Short, dark spikes replaced the long tresses he'd so often curled around his fingers during their lovemaking. Black. Impish points, lending her an air of reckless, kamikaze youth he'd seen on so many of today's kids. The dark hair matched her heavily kohl-rimmed eyes. Maggie's heart-shaped face, the pointy chin that quivered whenever tears threatened to spill, and her long eyelashes reminded him of Tallulah Bankhead, or some silent screen era vamp, revived for the new millennium, looking Goth—and dangerous. And too damn sexy to be sitting there all alone.
He kept walking, but slowed his steps so his gaze could slide down the length of her body and he could appreciate the view. Maggie wore a new lacy black blouse with a small collar and long, sheer sleeves, and a skirt she'd hiked up way too far to be considered decent in any public place but here.
These thoughts flashed through Jake's mind as he ambled toward her, circumventing empty tables and chairs, enjoying the bewitching smile she used to accessorize the provocative outfit; white teeth in a face rising from an open-necked blouse that, upon closer inspection, turned out to have see-through mesh in the front, teasingly hinting at her abundant sensuality. His smile stretched as he recalled her words from earlier in the day: she'd be the one wearing black, red, and pink. He didn't need to be warned, knowing damn well from previous encounters which parts of her body were pink, and now that he peered closer he could see the lacy red bra beneath the blouse. It barely offered any support for her breasts: a voluptuous present for him to unwrap later.
With a cagey grin, she waved a couple of scarlet fingers.

I hope you will join me and other Noble Romance authors as we celebrate our October releases at a Release Party on the Noble Romance Publishing Yahoo Group Saturday, October 29. I hear there will be tons of prizes! I know I'm looking forward to meeting new readers and giving away a copy of Friday Night Hookup.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of Friday Night Hookup! And if Fate turns out to be too fickle to award you this prize, you can always get a copy on my Noble Romance Author page. :-)

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Ingrid ;-)


Sarah Ballance said...

Okay, I'm hooked. This sounds fabulous! Congratulations, Ingrid!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sarah. It's a neat 'what if' story, something we can all look forward to, you know, when we get older. ;-)

*yadkny* said...

Very intriguing story line... I must find out what happens to Maggie and Jake's relationship. CONGRATS Ingrid on your latest release!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Yadkny. I had fun writing this story. I must admit, Maggie and Jake turned out to be quite a handful! I tried, but I couldn't control them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Release Ingrid !!
I have a new book to read now :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, alanimarie! You sure do have a new book to read, because you won the free copy of Friday Night Hookup! Congrats, and happy reading! Contact me at: for your copy.

Thanks to everyone for the generous comments and support.