Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Text Play Contest with C. Margery Kempe

What sound does your mobile make when you have a message? Do you have a special sound for a special someone? Or does it just vibrate discretely?

C. Margery Kempe here and I have a new Naughty Nibble out this week called TEXT PLAY and it has a somewhat different take on texting, sexting and social media. Natalia runs into her old boyfriend Andrei on Facebook and flirts shamelessly, but when he wants to take it further, she's reluctant to tell him what she's realised about her own needs. She's afraid that he will find her too freaky -- or worse, that he won't have the courage to do what she needs.

What she needs is a firm hand. Natalia spends her days telling everyone around her what to do and when to do it. It turns her on to feel completely controlled -- and even punished!

I find one of the things that people don't understand about dominance and submission play is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with strength and weakness. It's all about trust. When you're going to extremes, trust is essential. Building it is the hard part, and that's what makes Natalia nervous. Here's a snippet from the story:

Feeling like a teen again, she turned on the chat function and the words flew between them. He was in Norwich, she in London. He had been married and divorced to a woman named Marilyn; she had been with Bryan for nearly five years. Andrei worked with computers, Natalia continued her life in public relations. They were both doing well. They were both unattached.

Give me your mobile number.

Why did she hesitate? Natalia tapped her fingers on the keyboard without pressing the keys. Everything was so complicated. The things she'd discovered about her own libido, the things Bryan couldn't or wouldn't do—they were the reasons she'd kicked him out. I know what I want. Natalia looked at Andrei's picture again. I just don't know if you will want to do them.

In the end, she sent the number, determined she would not wait for him to call. Natalia had just squeezed some dishwashing liquid into the sink when her phone buzzed. Hmm, a message not a call. Coward! But she had a broad grin when she turned off the water to go pick up the phone.

After all this time, the tiny print on the screen said, I still enjoy you.

"That's because I'm wonderful," Natalia said as she typed the letters in with her thumbs, "It's a pity you didn't figure it out sooner." She clicked the button to send the text, satisfaction filling her head. It was no less than the truth.

Natalia looked at the sink full of dishes. Screw it! She grabbed the phone and went into the sitting room. It was already vibrating and chiming before she flopped into her most comfy chair.

I was an idiot: weak and foolish.

Natalia drew in a deep breath. She would let him know right up front where she was: no sense in getting her hopes up if he was going to disappoint. She'd had too much of that as it was. "Are you any stronger now?" She whispered the words as she typed. "Because I need someone strong: someone who can bring me to my knees."

A longer pause ensued this time before his response. Natalia had begun to think she should turn on the television or at least the radio when the phone went off again.

On your knees? Now there's a tempting picture. Yum.

Natalia certainly thought so. The image of herself ordered to her knees always filled her with a special thrill. "Are you strong enough to put me there?" she typed, cursing at her typos and correcting the spelling. Her lust was getting the better of her, addling her brain again. It had been far too long since she'd had the prospect of a yummy fuck ahead of her. The trip down memory lane fueled her fantasy.

Another chime. So how would you be dressed in this little scenario?


You'll have to get the story to find out what happens. Or win a copy here today! How can you win? Tell me some fantasy you haven't yet made real and I'll pick the best one as winner. Then I'll demand you make it happen, LOL. Okay, I can't do that, but let's hear them.


kbcutter said...

Tasty excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

My fantasy? I think Blogger might blow up if I type it all out...

Let's say it involves a menage, fire-trucks, midgets and assorted tools.....

C. Margery Kempe said...

LOL, excellent KB! I think it's best to think big ;-)

kbcutter said...

Indeed. Might as well try and grab the brass ring!

Among other things....


C. Margery Kempe said...

Heh heh! >_<