Saturday, August 20, 2011

Interview With An Angel

I wanted to do something different today. So, just for fun, I thought I'd sit down with Moradiel, the main character in "Angels Would Fall" and the forthcoming Angels Cry, to get his take on what's going down in his world. He's a very literal sort of chap, so you'll have to excuse him sometimes; interviewing him was a bit like interviewing Data, the android from Star Trek, before he got his humor chip!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you:


JS: Welcome, Moradiel. Uh, should I be kneeling or something?

M: That will not be necessary. As I am no longer a member of the Host, there is no need.

JS: Erm, er, thanks. So where do you come from?

M: The place would mean nothing to you.

JS: Ooo-kay. How old are you?

M: I am older than your earth by such an immense span of time that your mind would melt trying to comprehend it.

JS: *Coughs* What are some of the highlights of your career so far?

M: My proudest and most sorrowful moment was assisting with casting Lucifer and his minions out of the Otherplace. It was that act that earned me my place as Azrael's lieutenant. I was the angel who collected the souls of Moses, Methuselah, and many of the most celebrated names of your culture and delivered them to the Otherplace.

JS: You didn't have anything to do with that business with Sodom and Gomorrah, right?

M: No. Azrael undertook that personally, along with Michael. I also was forbidden to move against Egypt; Azrael said he was getting bored and needed to "stretch" himself.

JS: Backing up a little, the Otherplace is what you call Heaven, right?

M: Heaven is what you call the Otherplace.

JS: Hoo boy. *mutters something about how this is going to be a LONG interview* So, Azrael sounds like kind of a jerk.

M: Azrael is what he is. And I am what I am. I would not say that Azrael is a jerk; he performs a needed function in your universe.

JS: Yeah, talking about that: What's the deal with Ariel? I've seen pictures, and she's nine kinds of hot, but what was it about her that inspired you to walk away from Heaven?

M: I cannot explain what has passed between Ariel and me. She is a good, honest, kind woman who did not deserve such an arbitrary demise. The fact that she is quite lovely physically is of less import to me than the nature of her soul.

JS: She must be something else on a stick if you gave up Heaven for her.

M: Change the subject. Now.

JS: *holds up hands* Changing, changing. So tell me about Lucifer; I hear that he's been awfully unhappy with Azrael for borrowing Benoth for consultation on how to find you.

M: Benoth knows the way I think well. His advent on the scene would be the most alarming development to date, if it were not for the fact that I know how much he loves Aurora and how much it pains him to have to be away from her. As such, Benoth may well prove one of my greatest allies in keeping Ariel safe and out of Azrael's grasp.
With regard to Lucifer, he is exquisitely angry about Azrael's blithe borrowing of his minions. Unfortunately, Lucifer owes Azrael a very great service, one which appropriating even a legion of his servants will not answer for.

JS: Why?

M: Azrael had a chance to destroy Lucifer utterly and failed to avail himself of the opportunity. Why he did not finish Lucifer then and there is known only to the two of them, and perhaps Adonai. I was otherwise engaged at the time and did not learn that Lucifer had survived the encounter with Azrael until he had already been cast down into Infernos.

JS: It sounds like you've got some very powerful enemies. What are you doing about keeping Ariel safe?

M: Right now, my best hope lies in laying false trails for Azrael. We are somewhat hampered by the effect that angelic travel has upon Ariel's body; for some reason, her nervous system does not cope properly with stepping outside of time. So we lie in wait, hoping that Azrael will not . . . excuse me.

*Moradiel vanishes and reappears*

M: I must go. Ariel is in danger.

JS: How did Azrael find her?

M: I do not know.

*Moradiel vanishes and doesn't come back.*

JS: Hmm. Well, folks, there you have it.

Even though Moradiel had to go, I'm over at today too. Come on by and say hi!

Until next time,


J.S. Wayne

Want to know why Moradiel had to leave so suddenly? Check out Angels Cry, scheduled for release September 12th from Noble Romance Publishing!


Anonymous said...

Nice! It's a great look at the character. The calm before the storm!

J.S. Wayne said...

Thanks, Renee!
Actually, the storm's already hit. You can tell by how I haven't been on Messenger lately *grin* Thanks for coming by!

Kristabel Reed said...

Just found both you and this blog. Made me laugh, thanks! Will be checking your story out right but I've convinced myself I need to write first. It was a tough choice, I have to tell you. :)

J.S. Wayne said...

Thank you, Kristabel!
I've been there a lot myself lately; there are so many wonderful authors I've discovered that I despair of ever having enough time to read them all. Especially with an Evil Day Job and a writing career to balance!
When you do, I sincerely hope you enjoy my work. Please let me know!
In the meantime, yes, by all means get your work done first! ;)

Billi Jean said...

Too funny! Wow, he sounds like you have your hands full with him, JS!!!

Loads of fun!


billi jean

Sarah Ballance said...

I'm not sure which of you is worse ... or rather if it's the fact I was completely convinced there were two of you. *shakes head* Great interview, er, to you both. ;c)

kbcutter said...

Classic JS Wayne: Humor, wit and style.

J.S. Wayne said...

@ Billi Jean: Yes, writing him created some new and very odd ripples in my world, but I'm glad he walked into the scene!

@ Sarah: I'm one of a kind! Besides, he doesn't have biscuits! :P
Thanks for checking in!

@ KB: Thank you! That's a HUGE compliment!