Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking The Edge: Of secrets and suspense...

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My name is Zee and I write suspense-- Stop right there! I do? You'd be stumped to know I'm the first one surprised! I generally write romance, at least, I set out to write romance. How this turns out is sometimes out of my hands. Like what happened with Walking The Edge (Corpus Brides: Book One) , my debut release with Noble Romance that came out on June 30.

So what happened where that story is concerned is that I had a heroine with amnesia. To me, that spelt out "Secrets hiding in her closet". And there's nothing that looks more like bait to my curious mind than secrets!

I just have to think about this - some of my favourite movies are driven by the secrets that the heart of the plot. In Unknown, Liam Neeson's character ends up with amnesia after an accident in Berlin, and suddenly the woman he recalls as his wife claims she doesn't know who he is. What secret is she hiding? What's lurking inside his mind?
Same goes for Jason Bourne's character (played by Matt Damon) in the Bourne trilogy - what secrets lurk inside his blank mind, after he is pulled out of the water by fishermen off the coast of France?
In Salt, Evelyn Salt (played by Angelina Jolie) is told by a Russian dissident that she is in fact a double agent. Salt does not remember that - it's a secret. How, and why?

Is it a surprise all those movies are suspense? And when you combine this to the fact that I write romance, I ended up with... romantic suspense, of course!

Secrets have spurred me on the journey to writing this book. Secrets, that I uncovered along with my heroine throughout the story, have fuelled the pace and tone of this book. I know of no greater catalyst and spru-into-action springboard than secrets, and these are rife in a memory that has been wiped clean.

Come find out what secrets lie inside my heroine, Amelia's, past. See what she'll discover about herself. The novel is on sale at the bargain price of $1.99, and that's a steal, if you'll allow me to say so. :)

And here's the blurb:

Walking the edge: The next step might be the last...

A woman without a past
Left amnesiac after an accident, Amelia Jamison struggles as her instincts slowly rise from the depths of oblivion, leading her to question her life as the wife of a cold, manipulating and distant man. Wisps of a dream show her another man she may have known intimately, but is he a memory, or a figment of her imagination?

A man with too much information
After many aliases, today Gerard Besson is simply a police commissaire in Marseille. When a mysterious woman starts to follow him, he is suspicious - and intrigued. But things aren't what they seem, and as he reluctantly gets closer to her, dregs of his painful, buried past emerge and make him question her identity.

Each seems to have led several different lives
But neither is prepared for what awaits them when they cross the fine line between knowing your true self and that of your alter ego.

Danger is the name of the game, and as it catches up with them in the French Provence, both know they better be ready for the inevitable fall.

You can find the book here.

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BL Bonita said...

Sounds like a fabulous novel, Zee! Congrats on your book release and good luck with sales! :-)


Zee Monodee said...

Thanks Bon! Hugs back :)

DA Kentner said...

Congrats, Zee!
The story sounds great. Best of luck.

Zee Monodee said...

Thanks DA! :)