Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost there!

Hi everyone! Ingrid here, back to remind you that Diagnosis, Love, my new Noble Romance sensual paranormal novella, will be released June 20!

So, a bit about Diagnosis, Love:
The story (one of my favorites) features Melanie Marr, a petite and perky phlebotomist - well, she's perky when she isn't busy dying of leukemia - and the peculiar relationship she has with her oncologist Jakob Farkas, a TDHD (Tall, Dark and Handsome Doctor). One look at him and she thinks that the way he's dressed, all in black from head to toe, he reminds Melanie of the late Johnny Cash, minus the slung over-the-shoulder guitar.

It doesn't look good for Melanie. Since she works in the medical profession, she knows what cruel fate awaits her as the fatal disease progresses to its inevitable end. But when Dr. Farkas (it's pronounced Farkash, his snooty secretary corrects Melanie) proposes a radical cure, Melanie jumps at the opportunity.

That Farkas promises a fully comped trip to Europe only inflames her desire to be 'cured' by the dreamy oncologist with the dark eyes.

But when reality sets in Melanie quickly goes from a tired night-shift worker who enjoys spending days off resting at home to a world-weary traveler, crisscrossing the globe several times and experiencing such cities as Amsterdam, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and Lascaux with the good doctor by her side.

She finds out that Doctor Farkas' cure will take place in one of the caves in Lascaux, France, beneath the world famous paintings that have mystified the art world since their discovery. But only when the magical Spring Equinox dawns, flooding the cave with its blinding sunlight, does Melanie realize she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

Diagnosis, Love has all the elements of an entertaining summertime read: sex, vampires, sex, art, sex, exotic foreign destinations and romance . . . did I mention S-E-X?

I hope this has wet your appetite and put you in the mood for a sensual romantic tale and that you will read Diagnosis, Love when it comes out June 20. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about it.

Check back here and on my blog on or about the 20 to see where I'll be giving away swag on June 20.

Ingrid ;-)

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Sarah Ballance said...

Wow, Ingrid! This sounds like a clever story with a creative plot! Definitely off the beaten path - LOVE IT! Congratulations on your upcoming release. ;c)