Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Inspiration

I feel like an excited puppy straining the leash at the edge of a dog park. Every end of winter this happens. Right when the sun stays up a little longer and a few of the inches of snow that's piled up starts to melt, I beginning plotting.

Not just stories (that never seems to stop) but all the things I'll do over the spring and summer.

I'm going to go to the beach more.
I'm going to ride my bike more. (Oh wait, my bike has a flat tire.)
I'm going to get my tire on my bike fixed, THEN I'm going to ride my bike more.
I'm going to take more trips to AZ and go hiking!
I'm going to sell more books, which means I need to write more, so I'll need to stay in more. Because I know if I try to write outside, I'll only be distracted.



I'm going to go to the beach--after I write 2000 words.
I'm going to ride my bike--after I edit a chapter.
Oh wait. I'm going to get my tire fixed after I get an advance check and THEN I'm going to ride my bike--after I edit a chapter.
I'm going to take more trips to AZ, but only if I write the whole time at the airport and on the plane to and from.

This is what March does to me. I have all these great plans, but in truth, I know it's all just a touch of Spring Inspiration. Not that it's a bad thing, but it is kinda like the flu. It'll flush itself out eventually but some of the symptoms will linger. Here's hoping something sticks!

What symptoms of Spring Inspiration do YOU have?

All my best,

Allure Van Sanz!/AllureVanSanz


Anonymous said...

Right now my biggest resolution for spring is to be able to get outside more. I'm sick to DEATH of being trapped inside because if it gets below 70, I have to wear a jacket. (The joys of being cold-blooded.) And, after spending the vast majority of my time off from the EDJ at a desk or in bed, I could stand some exercise.
Of course, I know that the plot bunnies will keep breeding away, which in turn means more time at my desk, which means less time to exercise, which means....
I fail lol

Margie Church said...

I have my spring and summer all planned out in June I'll be writing this one, by August that one. But this year, I am going to get out a little more. We're going to Mt. Rushmore in June and I have tentative plans to go to LA as well. All of this could be lots of fun. Hope it happens. Oh, and I need a new bike tire, too.

Erin O'Riordan said...

I'm looking forward to my three-mile morning walks around the river with my hubby. Definitely some cabin fever going on here!

Erin O'Riordan
"Bomb Pop" author

Patti Shenberger said...

Allure, great post. I'm buried up to my neck in trying to finish the next book (due Wed)and then yesterday received a revision letter on book one! After freaking out and thinking what now, I realized a revision letter is not a rejection letter. So I'm thinking my spring will be with my nose buried in the computer, tapping away and wearing the letters of the keys (G)
Once this is out of the way, it'll be time to get busy in the garden making it all pretty for summer.

Cherie De Sues said...

Wow, Spring makes me sneeze, but I get the other symptoms too. I'm planning a large herb garden and plan to take Reilly to the dog beach nearby more often. This year, I really need to get more sun, I look like a vampire...really, very pale! Great post Allure.