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H.C. Brown Author of Sizzling Romance

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1.Jen B- Copy of Shifters & Demons
2.Sarah B - free ebook from Noble Romance

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Happy New Year.

I had a spectacular New Year's Eve. It was a total surprise. My husband and I usually go somewhere nice but this year he surprised me by taking me to the New Year's Eve Ball at Jupiter's Casino.

It's summer here in Australia and to my delight the ballroom was set up as a crystal rainforest. You may not realize but I live in a fantasy world most of the time, so this was very special for me.

We entered the ballroom through a tunnel of ferns and mist. Inside the ballroom, sparkling, faerie grottos sat within a fantasy forest . . . if any of you saw the movie Avatar you will get the picture. A huge full moon hung in the air and thousands of crystals dangled from the ceiling. Lights created rainbows through the billowing clouds of mist. The sounds of the rainforest echoed through the hall.

Girls in sets of two, dressed as Faeries, hung from the ceiling from silver hoops doing the most hair-raising stunts. Men wearing only grass skirts beat on drums while Island females twirled fiery batons. That was only the beginning of a fantastic night. I staggered home at 6:00am J

Thanks to all the fans who contacted me during 2010. I love to hear from you, so keep those comments and emails coming. Don't forget to join my Yahoo Fan Group for up to date information about upcoming books and special giveaways. Sign up here.

2011 heralds a year of new beginnings for me. My new Pride Series, Shifters & Demons,introduces the Vane Pride. The shifters are multitalented after many years of Fae interbreeding; I have created hot alpha shifters with amazing magical talents. Shifters & Demons is available from Noble Romance from today. Check out the fantastic cover art from Fiona Jayde and yes that is Jimmy Thomas biting the girl's neck. . . oh yeah. Best of all he put the cover on his Facebook page :-)

I decided to step out of the box with my next BDSM- Watch out for another new series—Cyborg Doms:Fane , Time Travel/ Sci-Fi/ BDSM/ M/F, M/M/M.—coming soon from Noble Romance.I'm working on the next book in this series Cyborg Doms: Jace – you will love Jace, he takes ménage to a new level.

Hawke's Purr-fect Mate-Pride Brothers Series book 4.- is in the final polishing stage. I know this has taken a long time to write and my super cool fans have been very patient—thank you. I wanted this story to be purr-fect for you and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Works in Progress:

Chronicles of Fae – Nox- My favorite character needed a story of his own. In this story, I take my readers on a magical journey throughout the Fae realms. Not in your wildest dreams could you imagine what I have in store for the King of the Fae.

Flashover- Another story about Australian firefighters living at the Gold Coast. What's better than two firefighters . . . ? Three firefighters. J

Husky:Synn- My first venture into dog shifters. In this edgy M/M, M/M/M series I introduce you to the Alpha of the Snotrail Pack- Synn Trublood.

Also, there are more great anthologies planned with Stormy and a secret project to be unveiled.

If you want to go into the draw to win a copy of Shifters & Demons or one other book of your choice, compliments of Noble Romance Publishing. That's two lucky winners. Leave a comment and answer these simple questions. Don't forget to include a contact email address.

1. How far back in time does the goddess send Dallin, in Shifters & Demons?

2. What country does H.C. Brown call home?

There is a party on my blog today too, so don't forget to stop by; the best comment wins an autographed copy of the Shifters & Demons book cover.

Thanks for dropping by J

H.C Brown

Shifters & Demons


This time, dear reader, I'm taking you 2000 years into the future. I'm introducing you to a new Pride of shape shifters with amazing, magical powers.

The Lady sends Prince Dallin of the Vane and Stryker of Talynx back 3000 years to rescue a Spellweaver, Lailii of the Tark, from the Butcher of Unwyn's dungeon.

Gentle but courageous Lailii believes she is safe with her two alpha-male shifters until they are pursued, back to the future, by demons and a mutant Army of Lost Souls.

Will Dallin keep his promise to the goddess and ensure Lailii's safety, or will she become prey to the demon Lord Passio?


Chapter One

3,000 years later—4100 After Arious

Lightening Falls Gate

Dallin inhaled the female's arousal and winked at Stryker. His lover lay on his back across the wide, black silk-covered bed. The sweetest Elfin female straddled his massive cock. They had hit gold this time. The willing female wanted both of them. After watching Stryker drive into her wet pussy for five long minutes, Dallin's balls ached. He reached for the tube of lube and approached the bed. He ran his tongue over his fangs. "May I have your ass, sweet thing?"

The female shot him a smile over her shoulder and pressed her small tits into Stryker's chest. Her sweet, white ass cheeks opened in invitation. Dallin groaned and applied lube to her inviting star. The female mewed her approval. Without hesitation, Dallin climbed onto the bed. He grasped his heavy cock and guided it into her tight hole with one thrust of his hips.

Taking a firm hold of her small waist, he drove into her. So damn hot, so deliciously tight. He gasped his thanks. With each plunge, he brushed Stryker's cock through the thin barrier of skin. What bliss. He met Stryker's hot gaze and knew they shared the same erotic experience. The touch, the slide of cock against cock, was intoxicating and one they both enjoyed.

Dallin's climax built quickly. The shivery sensations started in his belly, and the heat deep in his balls intensified with each delightful thrust. The room filled with the slap of bodies and the warm scent of sex. The female began to tremble, and then cried out her climax. She fell forward, spilling chestnut hair across Stryker's chest.

"Now, Dal." Stryker squeezed Dallin's thigh. "I'm gonna come."

With short, hard thrusts of his hips, Dallin drove into the female. Erotic sensations blurred his vision; white spots danced before his eyes. He gave into the bliss

and spilled in delicious, hot spurts. Collapsing forward, he reached for Stryker and crushed the man's lips in a long, hot kiss. Gods, he loved the taste of the man.

"Oh, that is so sweet." The female rested her head on Striker's shoulder. "Can you get up now? You're crushing me."

After a long moment, Dallin broke the kiss. He glanced toward the digital readout flashing on the wall and swore. He rolled off the girl. "My father wants to see me." He looked down at the female. "How much, sweetheart?"

"For a new customer, the price is just one gold strip." The girl climbed off the bed and took a thumb scanner from her purse. "Each."

Dallin pressed his thumb on the device and grinned. "We'll call you again real soon. What was your name?"

"Rose. I work at the Freak Show most days." She licked her lips and smiled. "I can always bring a friend—male or female."

"I'll think on it." Dallin inclined his head toward the door. "You should leave now."

"What do you think the king wants?" Stryker slid off the bed and headed for the shower.

Dallin watched the girl pull on a long dress and leave. He closed the door behind her, and then followed Stryker into the shower. Turning to face his friend, he stared at the control panel sending a spike of magyck into the system. "I have no idea."

"Do you think he wants you to move back into the castle?" Stryker rubbed the back of his neck.

A blast of hot magyck swirled around them, and Dallin sighed. The fresh and clean glass cubicle did not compare to the satisfying experience of a hot shower. He turned around and grinned at his lover. "Well, it has been two years. He might—if he's forgiven me. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing my brothers again."

"I'll miss you." Stryker touched Dallin's arm. "You know I can't gain entrance to Vane Castle; will you come and visit me?" With a chuckle, Dallin stepped from the cubicle and strode back into the bedroom. He went straight to the wardrobe and pulled out clean clothes. "You don't really think I could live without you, after three years of being together, do you? You are as close to me as any mate; we care for each other." He turned and smiled at Stryker. "I won't move anywhere without you."

"Good. Do you want me to come to the castle with you?" Stryker stood naked, his fists balled on his hips. "Or do you think the king will disapprove?"

"He knows about you already. We hardly hid the fact we were lovers. We were practically living together in my rooms at the castle." Dallin pulled on his clothes. "As long he knows I seek a female for my future queen, all will be well. My father had a lover, a Fae male named Sash, who died in the Mirra Uprising not long after I was born."

"Do you believe the Lady intends to find a mate for us to share?" Stryker pulled clothes from the chest of drawers and proceeded to dress.

Dallin pulled on his soft leather boots. He lifted his head to meet Stryker's deep, emerald gaze. The Talynx Pride male had the hard, muscular body of a seasoned warrior. Long, golden brown hair tumbled down his back in a waterfall of curls. Dallin loved his full lips, high cheekbones, and long, straight nose. As tall as Dallin, Stryker stood a good head and shoulders above most Pride males.

At the sight of his lover naked, Dallin grew hard again. Gods, I can still taste him. He could never have enough of the man. Dallin cleared his throat. "I have no doubt we were paired by the Lady. We have to trust She will guide us to the female of our dreams."

* * * * *

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Caffey said...

Hi HC!! We are always at home during the new years eve. Since I don't like the crowds, I love just being with my hubby and if the children come over (they did this year) we chatted and laughed lots! Your new years sounded so beautiful! It so is like a fantasy! Congrats on the new series! (love if I can find romances with Fae and all those fantasy and legend and all those paranormal themes!) Then of course the ballrooms with the historicals. Wow, that place sounds so good, you have pics of there or there a link on it? Wow you have so much coming and I'm excited for you (and us readers!)
Wow this so set in the future! I don't think I read anything that far, so its more neater! A very sizzling start!
Here's the answers:
1. 3000 years
2. Based on the blog, you are from Crystal Mountain: Other World LOL. You are from Australia.

Jen B. said...

Sounds interesting. I have Floggers on my wish list. That's how I found your website! I am new to your books so I would love the chance to read one.

Answers to the questions:
1) 3000 years
2) Australia

H.C. Brown said...

Yes it was a magical evening not one I will forget in a hurry. It was like walking into one of my books with all those hunks too ;-)

Toni said...

Okay HC I am trying again. Congrats on your new book - I think I need a cold shower now!


Jax said...

More, more, more.....yeah I like your books.

Heath said...

Cyborg Doms looks hot keep us posted on the release date.
1.3000 years into the past
2. A fellow Aussie.

Margie Church said...

Congrats on the book, Heather. Jimmy with fangs...sweet. The excerpt was sizzling. Well done!

Toni said...

Too easy.
1. 3000 years
2. The Land of Oz!

Tamara Gill said...

Wow! Great start to the book. Congrats H.C!
1. 3000 years
2. Where else but Down Under. ;)

Tam :)

Sarah Ballance said...

What a busy year ahead, and you are kicking it off with a BANG! Congratulations on the new release - I hope the reviews and sales are all stellar! My answers are (1) 3,000 years and (2) Australia (and I am totally dreaming of summer!)