Monday, October 31, 2011

Noble November Blog Tour - FAQ and $25 Giveaway TODAY!

posted by Sarah Ballance

Sizzling new content. Hot new releases. Eight Noble Romance authors. Nearly 90 chances to win. One month: November. You in?

Leave food for the cat and bar the door. I am IN! (Er, into what, exactly?)

Um, unlock the door. Pack your bikini or your swim trunks (er, you can leave the speedo at home) because November has NEVER been so hot! Yes, folks, it's time for the Noble Authors Blog Tour, November 2011 edition, and you are in for a TREAT. Eight Noble Romance authors, with the help of a few special guest hosts, will bring to you nearly NINETY interviews, guest blogs, and riotous encounters on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the month of November. With many chances to win prizes every day of the tour, you'll want to catch every post. You're about to take one CRAZY ride!

You've got my attention. Who, exactly, am I riding?

Here's a list of participating authors (only some bite, but I won't say which ones):

Bryl R. Tyne | H.C. Brown | Brita Addams

KevaD | J.S. Wayne

Lucy Felthouse | Jess Anastasi | Sarah Ballance

HA! Nice try. You can't scare me away that easily. What do I win?

Prizes include e-books, gift certificates to Noble Romance and Amazon, a VERY desirable donation from, e-book vouchers, and the grand prize of a Kindle (yes-I-said-Kindle) courtesy of Noble Romance. Every blog offers a chance to comment for a shot at any one of these fantastic prizes, so whether you can make every stop or just one, YOU CAN WIN, and win BIG!

I'm there, I'm there! When do we start?

The tour officially starts Tuesday, November 8 but we're going to kick things off with a pretty awesome giveaway right now. The Tour features 10 brand new "Timeless Desire" novellas, and here's your chance to grab them all! Leave a comment with your e-mail address, and you'll be entered to win a Noble Romance gift certificate in the amount of $25.00—enough to buy a complete set of Timeless Desire titles! (You may, of course, buy anything from Noble you'd like with the gift certificate. I won't look. Promise.)

Okay, I'm sold. How do I play?

Following the tour is easy—you can kick off each day with any author and the loop will bring you right back to where you started, with bonus blog buttons to ensure you don't miss a single moment. Nothing fancy and no gimmicks—just comment on tour posts with your email address and you're automatically eligible for several INCREDIBLE prizes. For more entries, comment on more blogs. Could that be any easier? Yuh, you know you dig it!

I dig, I dig! Where, where, where do I hop this ride?

For the full tour schedule and details, head on over to the Noble Authors Blog Tour official blog. You can also keep up with the tour page on Facebook, or start at your favorite tour author's personal blog to follow the loop. Bottom line, we want to woo you with our romantic (and in many cases, erotic) tendencies, cajole you into staying a while, then reward you immensely for the pleasure of your company.

And truly, the pleasure is all ours! (Well, wait. There are prizes. The pleasure is all SHARED!)

About that $25 gift card ….?

Just leave a comment to *this* post with your e-mail address and you're entered for the prize! Winner will be chosen via and announced November 1, so get those comments in TODAY, Halloween, to ensure your entry! (Contest will remain open until a winner is announced in the comment section.)

Any questions about the blog tour? Ask them now! Leave your email address and you can enter to win the $25** at the same time. (Multitasking. Yessss!)

**Delivery of the $25 gift card is the sole responsibility of Sarah Ballance, who is also bribing you to subscribe to her blog with a weekly giveaway. To enter, you must subscribe to her Linkpersonal blog by **email.** Be sure to confirm your subscription, and you are automatically entered to win a weekly prize of $10 to Noble Romance or $5 to Amazon, winner's choice, so long as you remain a subscriber.


Sandy said...

I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you. sandy(dot)wolters(at)q(dot)com

booklover0226 said...
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booklover0226 said...

I love your blog hops. The one I participated in last year was a blast. I discovered many new authors and their works.

I look forward in participating this year, too.

See you all there!

I subscribed to Sarah's blog; just waiting for the confirmation email!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

*yadkny* said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! The blog tour sounds exciting... looking forward to November!

*Subscribed to Sarah's blog!

Sarah Ballance said...

Thanks for joining in the fun, guys! Good luck in the drawing tomorrow, and thanks so much for your support. :c) Hope to see you all during the blog tour!

Harlie Reader said...

Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up Sarah.

Sarah Ballance said...

My internet has been nasty today. I'd love to know where they find those people in the commercials who say "I've had *this provider* for 15 years and only had one internet outage!" Um, yeah. All that to say, I'm so sorry to have kept you all in suspense! I just hit up for a winner and the winner is ... Tracey D!

Thanks to everyone for participating! I hope you'll all become quite familiar to me on the tour. *grin* There's a LOT to win, so be sure to join us. :c)